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Bulls control Bobcats into 103-97 loss

The Bulls defense gave the Bobcats the edge in a game that was never as close as the score made it appear.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Spor

The Bobcats don't always have exciting games but they can be entertaining every once in awhile. The Bulls, are the same way but they seem to take joy in ruining any semblance of fun that is in basketball. The Bulls hate fun. They enjoy nights where they make sure basketball is as not-fun as possible. That said, while tonight had its' boring moments, there has been worse.

Taj Gibson had some incredible highlight reel slams that should make a few YouTube mixtapes this year, the highest honor one can receive, of course. Joakim Noah had a double double and did pretty much what he wanted on defense forcing Al Jefferson to attempt 22 shots to get his 20 points.

If you like narratives, a fun one you can jump on is the D.J. Augustin revenge game, torching his original team that didn't want him anymore (largely because of how bad he was) for a 20 point and 12 assist double-double game. Does anybody actually think Augustin cares enough about the Bobcats to make sure he gets up for them? Probably not, but I have a flair for the dramatic.

A pickup I didn't realize the Bulls made recently was grabbing Cartier Martin after he was waived by the Hawks. Martin was a solid player in his time for the Hawks and his three-point shooting is invaluable to a Bulls team that struggles with shooting the long ball at times.

The final score suggests the game came down to the wire and while the Bobcats made it close at the end, the majority of the game the Bulls were in control. Chicago was up double digits on the Cats for just about the entire third quarter and while they made it close a couple times (taking the lead at one point early in the fourth quarter), it felt like the Bulls were always in control.

Chris Douglas-Roberts had a miserable game as he used almost all of his energy chasing Mike Dunleavy on the defensive end, going through a lot of screens, one of which resulted in a very concerning play that he got shaken up on. The Bobcats can't take another injury at the wing position. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is possibly going to come back against the Knicks but even then, the Bobcats are already stretched thin enough there.

Speaking of Dunleavy, that guy was all over the place tonight. Constantly running around screens and netting himself 17 points, Dunleavy was a nightmare for whoever guarded him. It was an example of how much the Bobcats miss MKG's defense.

Kemba Walker and Gerald Henderson were incredible tonight. Henderson had 30 points on 9-for-16 shooting and Walker had 29 points on 10-for-20 shooting. Henderson got to the line nine times and converted on all nine shots. Walker was really fast, grabbing 6 boards, and 5 dimes. It was a good thing for the Bobcats that these two had the games they did, because had they not, we'd be talking about how embarrassingly ugly a game it was.

For the large majority of you that watched football over the game, here's the short version for you. Walker and Henderson were awesome, the rest of the team ... not so much. The Bulls had control for the majority of the game thanks largely to Joakim Noah, Cartier Martin, Taj Gibson, and Mike Dunleavy, who helped the Bulls have seven total players with double-digit points and the narrow victory.