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Charlotte Bobcats vs New York Knicks diss rap

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports


You know us, we be the Knickerbocker murderers
You're fallin behind and we're ahead of you like Copernicus
Y'all ain't the center of jack but trash roundball services
D switching so much it switched teams, now they service us
Call ahead to get reserved for us and served by us
get cut up, see the pus, again it's your turn with us

Tortuous nervousness, ya stomach knotted and throwin up
Kemba's slicing ya up so bad there's no sewin up
And there's plenty to go around, there's mo''n 'nuff
Sho' 'nuff get stuffed if you're in the lane goin' up
you're forcin crap like Sandler and Grown Ups
At least I have my dignity though I'm a blogger, I'm po' enough

I got loans but at least I ain't payin JR money
Meanwhile Dolan's blowin stacks in the studio with A&R money

What future for the Knicks is there because I can't think of much
I give it a year or two before all y'all drinkin engine sludge

Death comes quickly, especially when the Knicks are takin swings
There's better things to do than watching the Knicks get skunked by the Southern kings


One thing, this isn't gonna be close to a fun game
Knicks will be putting up points slower than the one train

Can't complete the playoff puzzle when you put the wrong pieces together
Your team needs to be laid off, no hustle, and Chicago's pizza's better

No touching Kemba when he gets in a zone
JR needs to spend less time untying shoes and learn to tie his own

Can't possibly be shooting so atrociously tight shoewear
Bobcats attack ferociously, win precociously,and we're like "who cares?"

Nothing new there, Bargnani defense is so sloppy
Your teams like a plastic blue chair, no strong body and your legs are so wobbly

Knicks tape is somehow worse than the last French Montana mixtape
You trick fakes, get licked mate. The Bobcats with the Knicks is a sick date

Rapping ever so slightly on the nightly, I might be
Precise with my spite sprees, Madison Garden's just growing terrible jerseys for Spike Lee