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Charlotte Bobcats vs New York Knicks diss rap

We have a special guest today. I've invited Kevin McElroy of to do an opponent verse against us.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports


Can the Cats kick it? Yes we can, I'm bout to spit it
Knicks gonna get sick quick watching Biyombo pogo stick it
What's the scenario? The sitch', we done flipped it
Remember last time cuz deju vu is what I'm predictin'

Slow-footed switching, acting careless, no awareness
Y'all ain't shit, excuse my French like I'm in Paris
shoes double-knotted, yeah JR he don't scare us
Playing so bad it's like his whole sex life has perished

Shooting blanks -- with no penetration
Check the date -- on your expiration
Done turned in May, get penicillin and medication
D can't stop the bleeding feelin' like it's menstruation

But yours ain't monthly, yeah it's poo on the daily
Disinterested defense playing like eff you, pay me
But there's nothing you can do thanks to bein hasty
Can't slay me shade me fade me or Flay me

Yeah that's Bobby, let me cook, I'm roastin' kohlrabi
Roundball hangovers got you groggy in ya jockeys
Melo's taking shots of saki in the lobby
A shot chart so cold the floor's better-suited for hockey

The Fat Boyz broke up but the Knicks are reluctant
What's the reason? Did the real Knicks get abducted?
Shoot, don't mind me, your lux tax, we love it
As if I gotta worry about Dolan trying to gut it

He made his bed and now he's gotta sleep in it
Every move worse, that bed, he's gonna pee in it
Try to cover up the smell, gonna rub Degree in it
Conceit in defeat, another night he'll repeat in it

Too bad the answer, it ain't so simple
You don't fix acne just by poppin a pimple
But for now your present, it's just a swindle
The Bobcats are about to smash y'all like cymbals

[Song instrumental by Clipse]


New York Knicks at the lowest of the low
Our Garden's frozen over and our record's 12 below
Enter the Cats for an Eastern conference tussle
Clingin' to that 8-seed like a tendon holds muscle

Kemba Walker plays point but he's really a gunner
When you see Shump a-comin' don't be a Walker, be a runner
Henderson, Tolliver, Zeller and Gordon
Sounds more like "Michael Clayton" than Michael Jordan

Big Al in the middle's got some game in the post
But when the rim need's protecting, the dude's a ghost
Boston to Minny then Salt Lake to Carolina
Wanna be a franchise center? Spend less time at the diner.

MKG? More like M.I.A.
When you get yourself a jumper I'll have more to say.
'Til then keep hustlin' lest the skepticism grows
That "glue guy" in college equals "scrub" in the pros.

McRoberts went to Duke so write your own jokes
Too pale for the Pacers even though he's got a stroke
Don't see him lasting long but as long as he's funny
He can star in an oversized version of "Always Sunny"

Bismack Biyombo,
Rhymes with Mutombo,
Got quickness and size, such a lethal combo.
A swat-swat here and a swat-swat there,
Do you know that you're allowed to shoot or do you even care?

The Knicks are demoralized, wounded and lost
Can't buy a victory, can't pay the cost
The only silver lining to their epic collapse?
We don't gotta do much, we just gotta pass the 'Cats.