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Wizards Q&A with Bullets Forever

Amin Vafa of Bullets Forever joins Rufus on Fire to help us preview tonight's game.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight's matchup between the Wizards and Bobcats features two teams with playoff aspirations. Both teams have hopes of ending their playoff hopes and tonight's in-division game could have some serious implications. To help us dissect the matchup, Amin Vafa of Bullets Forever joins us to answer a few questions.

1. Oh, man. It's gotta be John Wall vs. Kemba Walker, right? Those two are so damn exciting in their own rights. I'd be perfectly fine with watching the two of them cross each other over for the whole 48 minutes, to be honest. It's a shame we won't get to see Bradley Beal vs. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. I know they play different positions, but they were both highly sought-after in their draft year, and I know all the top lottery teams had trouble picking out which was their favorite. Besides the injuries to both of them, the decisions seem to have worked out well for both Washington and Charlotte.

2. Well, the thing that'd worry me most for Charlotte is that the Wizards--somehow--have a better record on the road, and they just dropped three in a row (all of which were at home). So, they're ready to bust out of their slump, and Charlotte is as enticing as any place to do it. Other than that, look out for Wall's jumper to fall, and look out for the corner 3 shooters to get hot.

3. The thing that has made Wall and Beal so productive is my undying love for both of them. Cupid's aim is true, and his arrow struck me as I was looking at their tandem play. But seriously, besides Beal's recent slump, it has been really great to have these two on the floor. Wall's always been able to get to the rim and find shooters, but this year he's added a reliable jumper to his game. The ability to shoot means defenses have to choose between cutting off his passing lanes, blocking his shot, or packing the paint. Something's got to give there. Beal, on the other hand, has basically leveled up all of his talents from last year while also increasing his confidence level.

4. I'd be comfortable saying it sends 4 teams. I mean, 4 teams from the Southeast, 1 team from the Atlantic (the division winner), and 3 teams from the Central. That's not crazy. Except for Orlando, every team in the Southeast is trying to get back to the postseason, right? OK, maybe 2 from the Atlantic and 2 from the Central. But still, 4 from Southeast sounds good to me.