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Hornets ratings in NBA 2k15 leaked

Every player is 99 overall. Just kidding.


NBA 2K15 is set to be released in October 7th, and for Charlotte fans, it means playing as the re-branded Hornets. Recently, the player ratings for every team were leaked, giving fans an early peak at how the developers at 2K rate each player in the league. So how did the Hornets fare? Let's take a look:

  • Al Jefferson - 87
  • Lance Stephenson - 84
  • Kemba Walker - 82
  • Gerald Henderson - 78
  • Michael Kidd-Gilchrist - 77
  • Brian Roberts - 74
  • Bismack Biyombo - 73
  • Cody Zeller - 73
  • Marvin Williams - 73
  • Noah Vonleh - 72
  • Jeff Taylor - 72
  • P.J. Hairston - 71
  • Jannero Pargo - 67

First of all, you'll notice Gary Neal is not listed. This is troubling. Hopefully 2K knows Gary Neal is still on the Hornets. Maybe someone should call them.

For the players who were included, the ratings seem correct from a talent standpoint. Big Al comes in at a menacing 87, which by the way, makes him one of the 20 best players in the game. For comparison, Tim Duncan is the highest rated post player at 90. Lance and Kemba's ratings seem spot-on as well. Some of the bench players seem a little high, though it appears 2K has revamped their ratings system again (they tend do this) as a way of more accurately portraying the talent in the league.

The only rating I disagree with is Taylor's. A 72 rating is stretching it considering he hasn't played since the early parts of last season, and his play before the injury was subpar. It also appears the developers valued experience over youth, as both Vonleh and Hairston are rated slightly below their veteran teammates (and yes, I am calling Cody Zeller a veteran).

Some other quick observations:

  • I imagine MKG's rating could shoot up if his mid-range game has improved as is being suggested. The same could be said for Biyombo if his offensive low post game improves.
  • If you were curious, Josh McRoberts came in at 74 overall. Considering he is just one point higher than Cody the developers are sleeping on McBob's game.
  • Other former Charlotte players: Jeff Adrien, 71; Luke Ridnour, 72. Ramon Sessions and Chris Douglas-Roberts were not to be found. More than likely this list was leaked before they signed for the Kings and Clippers. This still does not excuse Gary Neal's absence.
  • The highest rated player in the game is Lebron at 98. The lowest rated players? Shavlik Randolph and Bruno Caboclo at 64 (note that free agents were not part of this list).

The Hornets came out fairly well in these initial ratings. The team's average rating came in at 75.1. To compare, the Clippers have the highest team average at 77.2, while the Sixers have the lowest at 71.2. Oddly, the Hornets team average ranks slightly above the Thunders (75), suggesting 2K believes the Hornets have plenty of depth.

Charlotte should be plenty of fun to play with this season, and it will be a nice change from past games. Gone are the days when Tyrus Thomas was the highest rated post player on the team. The team is on the rise, and the ratings suggest 2K has taken notice.