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Buzz Around The Web: Preseason links!

As we pass through the dog days of preseason basketball, the Internet has had plenty to talk about in regards to the Hornets, including over/unders, offensive and defensive ranks, and more MKG videos (of course).

"I see you Vegas, listing our over/under at 45 wins." - Gary Neal, probably.
"I see you Vegas, listing our over/under at 45 wins." - Gary Neal, probably.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations ladies and gentlemen. We are this close to seeing the official return of the Charlotte Hornets. Heck, we even had the unofficial return of the team Wednesday, but let's not talk too much about that — it is just a preseason game after all.

Anyway, the Internet has had plenty to say about the Hornets recently, and I imagine you are as eager as I am for October 29th to get here and to find ways to help kill time until then. Enough beating around the bush, let's get right to it.

  • In case you didn't hear, Vegas officially released their list of over/unders for NBA teams earlier this week. Vegas listed the Hornets' O/U at 45 wins, the fifth-best in the East (and just one win better than the Miami Heat). 45 sounds like a solid number to me, though I recommend any gambler to take the over as long as the Hornets remain healthy.
  • Not long after the Vegas O/U list was released, Zach Harper and Matt Moore took a look at the list and talked about in a podcast for the Eye on Basketball Podcast. For those curious, they begin talking about the Hornets around the 33:45 mark and call the Hornets "the coolest team in the East" and the "team that is cool to like now." My, the difference a year makes. Can you imagine any basketball analyst (or fan for that matter) saying that about the Bobcats? R.I.P. Rufus.
  • Oren Levi of gave his list of five things to watch with the Hornets this season. There's nothing too surprising on this list (minus the use of the old Hornets logo), but it is still a good read. My one complaint? That they did not use this photo when talking about Lance Stephenson.
    Hornet Lance

    He also kinda sorta calls out fans, saying, "The Charlotte market has been given everything it has asked for. It is time for folks in basketball-crazed North Carolina to support their NBA team." I think he will be happy with the fans' response to the team. Just a hunch though.

  • Over at Pro Basketball Talk, Sean Highkin shared his season preview for the Hornets, which included Gerald Henderson's ridiculous off-the-top-of-the-backboard shot against the Timberwolves (#NeverForget). He has high praise for the team, calling them a regular in one's League Pass rotation. He predicts a 44-38 finish for the team, which would be a one game improvement over last season.
  • Our friends at Hoops Habit released a different kind of power rankings: one for offense and one of defense in the NBA. To the surprise of no one, the Hornets rank quite highly in the defensive power rankings — sixth in the league actually. Offense is another story though, where the team is ranked 22nd. But, like the article says, "If nothing else, Charlotte will not rank No. 25 in 3-point field goals made again." So there's that.
  • Dane Carbaugh takes a look at the human element of NBA free agency and how it affected this past summer. Or, as I like to call it, 'How Lance Stephenson ended up in Charlotte.'
  • If there's one thing Hornets fan can seemingly never get enough of this offseason, it's videos of MKG jumpshots. So, here's a vine of MKG shooting before Wednesday's preseason loss to the Sixers.

  • Do you love the work of Bryan Mears? The correct answer is yes, you do. Would you like to hear Bryan talk more about basketball? Again, the correct answer is yes, you absolutely do. You should check out his podcast then! This week, he previews a few NBA teams, talks NBA 2K15 and gives out some award predictions for this year.
  • Bleacher Report takes a look at the relationship between Stephenson and Kemba Walker. Some interesting tidbits included in the article — a surprise meeting from Michael Jordan during the team's meeting with Stephenson helped seal the deal and Kemba's endorsement of Lance helped the team decide to pursue Stephenson. It is a long form piece, so it's not exactly a quick read. But it is worth your time.
  • If you have already liked At The Hive on Facebook (and if you haven't yet, what are you waiting for?), then you have probably already seen this commercial. If not (and because it is great and should be shared multiple times, here is a Hornets commercial simply titled, 'The Comeback.'

And with that, I wish you all a happy Friday! Now, back to killing time until tip-off against the Wizards...