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Detroit Pistons blow out Charlotte Hornets 104-84

In this year's Cool School Field Trip game, the Hornets got blown out.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The Cool School Field Trip is one of my favorite promotions in the NBA. Field trips in school were always cool when I was a kid. But I never got to go see an NBA game, I got to see a Spring Training baseball game in 6th grade, but that was about it.

Today the Hornets and Pistons slugged it out in front of hundreds of screaming middle school kids. While the kids were having fun, I'm not sure you can say the same for the players. An 11AM tip off is never easy for an NBA team. These guys are used to playing around 7PM. Asking them to play at such an early time messes up their internal clocks, as such we get games like this morning. A slow start, bad shooting, and all around bad basketball.

Nobody could shoot at the beginning, the Pistons eventually woke up, but the Hornets napped through the entire game. Charlotte was already missing point guard Kemba Walker, throw in the early start time and everything about the Hornets offense was out of whack. The entire team shot below 40%  and while it may seem like a bit of a cop out, analysis wise, it's hard to deny that Walker being out, and the early start time are the main reason for the poor shooting.

While it's just preseason, I am a little concerned with how poor the defense has been so far. Most likely it's just some early chemistry problems, but the rotations seem off, and opposing offenses are getting to the rim a little too easy.

The Hornets lost in a bad way today, but they were missing Kemba Walker, and tip off was at 11AM. These two factors had more impact on today's poor performance than anything else. Of course, it's still only preseason, nothing to panic about, yet.