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Hornets step up their food game

Not only have the Hornets nailed pretty much every aspect of the rebrand, they're also dedicated to delivering an improved food experience to fans this season.

Should I get the brisket or the burger?
Should I get the brisket or the burger?
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The jerseys, the logo, the honeycomb court, Buzz Fest, the front office, and pretty much every aspect of the Bobcats transitioning to the Hornets has gone extremely well. It wouldn't be surprising if there was eventually a Harvard case study on how Michael Jordan and Hornets Sports and Entertainment handled this rebranding effort.

In addition to everything already mentioned, the Hornets and Levy Restaurants have made an effort to improve the food served at Time Warner Cable Arena (or as I'm calling it, the Re-Hive). The food at the arena has always been of a high quality, but Executive Chef Aaron Cox is dedicated to making this year special. Having lived in Charlotte during the years of the original Hornets, Chef Cox made it clear he has a personal connection to this year's team and therefore the food he's in charge of preparing.

The food that was prepared for the media included a buffalo bacon corndog, a beef brisket sandwich (smoked in-house), Italian sausage, meatballs, and the amazing "Hugo's Boss", a three pound 12x12 double decker burger.


Everything was delicious, especially the burger, which could easily end up on an episode of Man v. Food at some point in the near future. The media-only event brought not only sportswriters and bloggers, but also a few food critics. If you're interested in a more food-centric review of the Hornet's new menu items, be on the lookout for a review from

In the days leading up to opening night, next Wednesday against the Milwaukee Bucks, how the franchise handles the little things like the arena decorations, the menu items, the customer service, etc. will have a real effect on the fans that once made the Hornets one of the most popular teams in the NBA.

So far, so good.