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Asset countdown: Lost by a Hairston

Puns are most certainly punny.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

After a few days of voting, At The Hive's readers have decided that P.J. Hairston is the team's least valuable remaining asset. Hairston won the poll by a single vote, leaving the Hornets' first round pick to fight for its survival once again.

Hairston has no NBA experience, and therefore it's difficult to project his value. NBA executives like the buzz phrase "unproven commodity", which is exactly what Hairston is right now. He could end up being an absolute steal and eventual starter, or he could flame out early if his skills don't translate to the NBA or his heart isn't in it. More likely, Hairston fits somewhere in the middle of those two extremes. At this point, he seems destined to be a sweet-shooting swingman off the bench.

There are some concerns about Hairston's personality and decision-making, too. A fight with a high school player in July and working with an agent not approved by the NBPA speak to those concerns, but like most young men, Hairston will do a lot of growing up over the next few years, so it's unlikely that off-court issues plague his promising career.

Hairston's a deadly shooter with decent size, and that alone grants him staying power in the NBA. His future will be as bright as he wants it to be.