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Kemba Walker gets four-year, $48 million extension

Kemba Walker is going to be around for at least four more years.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

According to Marc Stein of ESPN, Kemba Walker will receive a four-year $48 Million extension.

Last year Walker averaged 17.7 points, on 39 percent shooting, and 6.1 assists per game

The Hornets doing this signing is really a no brainer. Walker has really grown as a point guard since his rookie year, and become one of the better point guards in the NBA. He still struggles at shooting, but every other facet of his game has only gotten better as the years have gone by. When taking that into consideration, there's no reason to not extend him off of his rookie contract.

It's rare to see a lottery pick not get re-signed in some form off of their rookie contract, so it's not exactly surprising that Walker got an extension. What might be surprising to some is that he got an extension, instead of re-signing at the end of this season.  The Hornets clearly think highly of their point guard, and want him in their future.

Some might think this is a bit of an overpay. Under the current Collective Bargaining Agreement, that is certainly up for debate. While Kemba has improved every year he's been in the NBA, his poor shooting and lack of size makes many wonder if he's worth $12 million a year. I personally think under the current CBA, he's worth that. But that doesn't matter. With the new NBA TV deal, the NBA finds themselves with a lot of money. When the next CBA is decided, NBA teams are going to have more money than they know what to do with. When that happens, Kemba's deal will feel very average, for a starting point guard, compared to the rest of the NBA.