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Michael Jordan takes over Hornets twitter account

Yesterday Hornets owner Michael Jordan took over the Hornets twitter account. It was...okay.

Grant Halverson

Yesterday, Hornets owner Michael Jordan took over the team twitter account. He sent out some tweets and we all had a good time. Here are highlights.

MJ started us off with a joke that I honestly laughed at. It's always funny when players are willing to laugh at themselves and MJ poking fun at his multiple retirements and returns, got some laughs.

There were a few questioning if it was actually MJ tweeting. To prove the doubters wrong, just like he did many times in his career, MJ took a selfie. Yes, a selfie. Don't ever say the times have passed Jordan, he will prove you wrong by taking a selfie.

I'm really curious about this next one. Did MJ just say "OKAY EVERYBODY STOP. If you're doing something important, hide it and just look busy. We need to look busy, but we can't reveal anything important." or did he just take the picture without telling anybody? If he did that, he probably had to take it a few times cause you know how you take a picture sometimes, and someone moves and it's like "Dammit Jim, you moved. Now I gotta take the picture all over again. Ah son of a...Rachel your eyes were closed!"

It wouldn't be an MJ anything without shoes.

This was just something MJ RT'd but I have problems with it. I wasn't watching the broadcast of this, but there is no way this is a photobomb. In fact, I think she is fully aware that MJ is behind her. WHY MUST YOU LIE TO US ERYN!?

I was gonna say this was a humble brag. But nah, this is just a brag.

MJ has always been a great trash talker, and his favorite go to involves his shoes. Keegan Bradley learned that the hard way.

Did I mention Jordan is proud of his shoes? Not that he shouldn't be, they're only the most popular basketball shoes in the world.

MJ sends us out with another selfie, with Hugo the Hornet.