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Buzz Around The Web: Media days and more MKG jumper footage

There was no story too small this week in the NBA as the blogosphere feasted on media days and the start of training camps everywhere. Also, there's another Michael Kidd-Gilchrist jump shot video.

Brian Roberts taking pictures...
Brian Roberts taking pictures...
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

You know those calendar boxes that help kids count down the number of days until Christmas?  Well, I have one of those on my desk to help me count the days until the start of the Charlotte Hornets regular season. If you're doing the math at home, that means I only have 26 more chocolates left until Wednesday, October 29, when the Hornets play the Milwaukee Bucks at Time Warner Cable Arena. In anticipation of the upcoming season, this week the NBA landscape has been littered with stories, pictures, and videos. Every player’s weight has changed for the better, every team has a "great group of guys," and every team’s backcourt is the best in the NBA. Navigating such a landscape can be difficult. Which stories should you read? Which pictures will make you laugh the hardest? Don’t worry, I've got you covered. Without further ado, here's this week’s Buzz Around the Web.

The NBA preseason wouldn't be the same without tons of power rankings, and the more subjective and outrageous, the better. One of the most subjective was Andrew Sharp's Media Day Power Rankings for Grantland. Sharp ranked Lance Stephenson number 10, citing Stephenson's willingness to scrap with Michael Jordan if the Hornet's owner makes his way down to practice. Even at 51 years old, I think I’m taking MJ in this one. I mean, just last year His Airness threw down a dunk

In non-preseason related news, Jeff Goodman of ESPN put out his first 2015 NBA mock draft (Insider only). A few things stood out. The first is that the Hornets are predicted to be selecting 13th in the 2015 NBA draft. Huh?  Goodman states that the draft order was determined by "’s Forecast results". Despite searching ESPN’s site, I couldn’t find any information on the forecaster, so I have no idea how they came to that conclusion.  The second thing of note is that Goodman has the Hornets taking Caris LeVert, a 6’7" shooting guard out of Michigan.

Now that you’re done whining about the Hornets apparently having a lottery pick in the NBA draft, let’s get back to overly subjective power rankings. Matt Moore of CBS put out his top 5 NBA League Pass teams to watch this year and you’ll never guess where the Hornets ended up...number one! Yeah, that’s right, if you’re buying NBA’s Pick Five plan for NBA League Pass, Moore recommends the Charlotte Hornets as your number one choice. It was just three seasons ago that this franchise won seven games. "Started from the bottom now we’re here."

Time for some quick hitters. Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer wrote a great piece about Lance Stephenson and his chances for a breakout season. At the Hive’s own Bryan Mears wrote a great piece about NBA championship teams and how they allocated salaries among positions, which is a solid read if you’re curious about how the Hornets might be considering Kemba Walker as they look to build a true contender. Our friends over at Brew Hoop put out this great Media Day bingo card, and if anyone has the time I’d love to see if the Hornets hit bingo this week. The Charlotte Observer’s Rick Bonnell wrote a great piece about Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and his improving jump shot. And, I’ll leave you with a new video of MKG taking jump shots captured by ESPN’s Queen City Hoops: