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Buzz Around the Web: Ryan Anderson is a strong person

This week's Buzz Around the Web is highlighted by the story of Ryan Anderson overcoming his girlfriend's suicide.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Not much Hornets Buzzing Around the Web this week, but we still have plenty of general NBA news to salivate those basketball loving glands of yours.

This article by Chris Ballard over at Sports Illustrated is truly a tear jerker. Read, as Ryan Anderson tries to overcome the suicide of his girlfriend. Warning, if you're in a public place and you can't cry in public, I'd advise saving this one for home.

The Denver Nuggets gave up 84 points in one half, at home, to a team on the second game of  back to back. It was disgusting. Over at Roundball Mining Company, before the game even took place, Colin Deaver raised concerns over the Nuggets defense. I guess he hit that on the head, eh?

I haven't watched it yet, but Rand University, the 30 for 30 about Randy Moss, is supposed to be very good. Well it reminded Hardwood Parxoysm's Seth Partnow about a time he played pickup ball with the notorious wide receiver.

Over at Magic Basketball, Scott Rafferty writes about Orlando Magic coach Jacque VaughnPatience is wearing thin in Orlando, and he needs to start showing some results.

Sticking with Mr.Rafferty, he wrote a great post over at Upside Motor about Michael Kidd-Gilchrist's potential.

Finally, did you know that Cody Zeller has been super efficient  this year? Zeller currently has a True Shooting percentage of 62%, and Gregory Mason of Upside Motor says that's giving the Hornets a needed spark.