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Hornets vs Pacers GameThread

The Hornets are in Indiana tonight, and it's Lance Stephenson's first game back in Charlotte.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It's finally here.

Since rejecting the Indiana Pacers' offer in the offseason and coming to Charlotte, Lance Stephenson is back in Indiana for the first time tonight. That alone makes this game pretty interesting.

The Pacers aren't as good as they were in years past, mainly due to injuries and losing key players in free agency. Still, they're not a team to be overlooked. Roy Hibbert's stepped up a bit this year, and his incredible size and length is nothing to scoff at. That could present some challenges for the Hornets inside, who are already midrange jumper fiends this season.

Will we get some Lance antics? Who knows. Tune in and chat it up!