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Quickcap: Charlotte Hornets lose to Indiana Pacers 86-88

HHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA this team stinks.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The Hornets stink right now. There is no way around it. They can't execute when it matters, and bad teams look like good teams against them. It's still too early to hit the panic button, but man oh man does this team not know how to win a game.

The Hornets had a chance to win the game, and a chance to extend the game. They failed both times. When Charlotte had a chance to score a go ahead bucket, and take the lead, they failed. To give the Pacers credit, they played incredible defense. But after Indiana blew up the very first play the Hornets ran, they wasted the rest of their shot clock, firing up a horrible shot.

The game was still tied, all the Hornets had to do was play defense, rebound, and the game would go into overtime. Well, they did the first part fine. Rodney Stuckey got up a horrible shot that had no chance. But because the shot was so bad, it was perfect for a tip in, which is exactly what happened. Gerald Henderson's man freed himself up just enough to grab the rebound, throw up a tip in, ball game. Two horrible relapses in a row, led to the Hornets inevitable loss.