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Charlotte Hornets vs Golden State Warriors GameThread

The Warriors head to Charlotte as the Hornets try to break this losing streak. Steve Clifford has a message for his team.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Clifford addresses the team before tip off.

"Alright team, we've had a bit of a down swing lately. With our chemistry so off, I figured we can do some trust exercises."

"Hey coach?"

"Yes, Lance what is it?"

"Do I have to do these? I figured I'd go off and do my own team building techniques"

"That's not how team building works Lance"

"I'm doing it anyways"

"Fantastic. Kemba, since you're our assist guy, why don't you get us started by doing some work with Al over there"

"Nah coach, I can handle it. Don't need Al, don't need nobody, my hard work will pay off and I'll do it all on my own."

"Uhh Kemba, I get that you really want to prove yourself. But Al is right there, he can help you."

"No thanks coach, I'm good, hey Al, where you going?"

"My back hurts, been carrying a heavy load lately, can't really handle this team building right now."

"Hey guys, what if we"

*the entire locker room screams*


Haven't won a game in two weeks, lets see how tonight goes.