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Quickcap: Charlotte Hornets blow another lead, Golden State Warriors win 106-101

The Hornets lost to Mareese Speights. No seriously.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Everything went really well early. The Charlotte Hornets looked like they had figured everything out. They had a lead, and were desperate to end this losing streak. There was a game plan, organization, and everybody looked in sync. Charlotte was, once again, playing their best basketball of the year. And yet again, they threw it all away. Once again, the Hornets couldn't play a complete game.

At the beginning of the 4th quarter, it was clear that things weren't right. The lead was slowly dwindling, and the Hornets bench unit just wasn't getting it done. Although to be fair, it was for a weird reason. Mareese Speights couldn't miss. He finished the game with 27 points, and is shooting 60% on the season. He's never been this type of player, and I don't blame the Hornets at all for considering the rest of the Golden State Warriors lineup a bigger threat. That's usually the correct choice, it just turned out that tonight it wasn't.

That doesn't remove the Hornets of all blame. Once the game was close enough to where execution mattered, it was the same old song and tune. Poor execution, followed by panic because things aren't going right. The team fell apart, and the lead was lost for good. The Warriors shot free throws to win the game. There's nothing more to say, this team can't execute in close games, or with the lead. Even with Speights having the game of his life, the Hornets still played a poor 4th quarter. Until these two problems are fixed, this will be a very talented team with many flaws that can't be fixed.