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Asset countdown: Always picked on

Readers picked the pick, who may have been a great pick setter in the pick and roll. I'll escort myself out.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

You, the readers of At The Hive, have selected the Hornets' 2015 first round pick as the team's least valuable remaining asset in our countdown. The pick received 123 votes, or 43 percent of the votes, with Cody Zeller placing second with 100 votes (35 percent of the votes).

Voting off the team's pick is a guilt-free decision. For one, the pick would likely be in the 20-30 range, meaning that whatever player is selected is unlikely to contribute consistently — at least early in his career — at the NBA level. However, it's entirely possible that the selected player is the exception. Maybe he'd be a hidden stud.

But that's the beauty of the pick. There's no telling if a selected player will be good or not. On its own, the pick holds value to other teams. Rebuilding teams collect picks to gamble on talent in hopes of developing a competitive squad full of youngsters, and contenders (often teams with little cap space) want polished specialists later in the draft.

Who's next to go?