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Hornets vs Lakers GameThread

Too many cooks.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, the Charlotte Hornets are in Los Angeles, playing a team called the Lakers that is nothing like the Lakers you're used to seeing.

This team is bad, very bad, and even though many of the Lakers' problems are internal, the Lakers show no intention of addressing their flaws. Byron Scott received flak for saying the Lakers should take less 3-pointers, despite analytics suggesting the 3-point shot is crucial to a good offense. Kobe Bryant is using 38.6 percent of the Lakers possessions — the second highest mark of his career — despite his True Shooting Percentage (48.8 percent) being the lowest of his career. Ed Davis, a very effective, young player, is backing up the remnants of Carlos Boozer and the good but overrated Jordan Hill. The Lakers are bad, and they clearly want to be bad.

With that in mind, this game should be a relatively easy win for the Hornets. They're better at every position (yes, even shooting guard), and have more depth than the Lakers do.

Who's ready for some highlights?