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Lance Stephenson receiving trade interest

The often criticized shooting guard is receiving trade interest among NBA teams according to reports.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE 12/14/14: According to ESPN's Marc Stein the Hornets are indeed searching for trade partners. This story isn't going away any time soon, is it?

According to Real GM, the Charlotte Hornets have received calls from multiple teams regarding a trade for Lance Stephenson.  However, Stephenson wishes to remain in Charlotte and be a part of their turn around.

The Hornets have gotten off to a very rough start this year. After entering the season with expectations as high as the 3rd seed in the east, and hopes of an eastern conference finals run, Charlotte has fallen flat on their face. The Hornets are 6-15 to start the season and many have placed the blame on Stephenson. After a year where many thought he played like an all star, Stephenson is shooting 39% this season and 15% from 3-Point range. While there were worries about his fit on offense, there was a general hope that Stephenson's defense would help keep the Hornets at an elite level. That has not been the case as the Hornets defense has regressed, only adding fuel to the blame Stephenson fire.

This news shouldn't shock anybody since there have already been rumors this season about Charlotte being involved in trade talks There's nothing wrong with a struggling team taking phone calls and seeing what their options are. What does matter is if the Hornets choose to fire the trigger on any trades. Right now reports indicate that the Hornets believe things can still be turned around and are willing to be patient.

At this moment, the Hornets patience is paying off. Stephenson is having a solid December, shooting 46.8% from the field on 15.7 shots per game. A large part of Stephenson's struggles was the many moments where he wouldn't look for his shot. That doesn't appear to be a problem so far in December since he's averaging five more shots than last month.

Despite his shooting struggles this year, Stephenson is averaging career high's in both rebounds and assists. With his shot returning to form Stephenson could be primed for a great month.