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Buzz Around The Web: Winning streak edition!

The Hornets are winning again, so we've got some links to keep that momentum going.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

It feels like it's been months since the Charlotte Hornets won two games in a row, and that's because it has been. The Hornets last won two consecutive games back on November 7, when they beat the Atlanta Hawks after toppling the Miami Heat just two days before.

This week's Buzz Around The Web features a lot of Lance Stephenson, which is no surprise. Stephenson's been the subject of much criticism this season from both fans of the Hornets and the NBA at large. Whether or not that's justified is debatable, but hey, that's not why we're here. Let's get to it.

First, a gif of Lance Stephenson casually punching Rajon Rondo in the face after suffering a terrible elbow to the face just seconds earlier.

Ouch. Kind of.

Next up, Stephenson is apparently being shopped by the Hornets, although no deal is imminent and if the team continues to improve, there won't be one. We're not ready to call this rumor a fact, but hey, it's out there.

And in our final Stephenson piece this week, our friends over at Lottery Mafia wrote a great piece about him. Check it out.

Check out Hugo rocking Space Jams.

Our friends over at Queen City Hoops wrote about how much the Hornets miss the 3-point shooters that filled their bench last season. There's no doubt that the Hornets' inability to properly space the floor has been a major factor in their inconsistent offense this year.

Steve Clifford's contract is guaranteed for the 2015-2016 season since the team made the playoffs in his first year, according to ESPN. There was an option in his contract that was triggered the moment that happened, but news has only leaked out about that now.

The Bulls' Nikola Mirotic has a solid sense of humor about being dropped by Kemba Walker's stepback a week ago.

What did you guys read this week? Share in the comments!