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Quickcap: Charlotte Hornets obliterated by Brooklyn Nets, lose 87-114

The Nets got insanely hot from 3-point range and a tired Hornets team couldn't keep up.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight the Charlotte Hornets were destroyed. Depending on how well a season is going a game like this can happen a few times a year. This is one of those games as the Hornets never had a chance from the very beginning.

To put things into perspective, last night the Hornets played a game in Memphis that went into double overtime. The Grizzlies beat up their opponents and wear them out. A double overtime game is already exhausting enough, add in the Grizzlies and things get worse. Of course, that's no excuse for what happened tonight but that is at least a wrinkle into why this game got so lopsided.

The Brooklyn Nets meanwhile, also on a back to back, played the Sixers last night. Considering the Sixers are actively trying to lose games it's pretty clear the Nets had an easier game coming off a back to back. Again, this doesn't excuse the Hornets for getting blown out but it's another wrinkle.

The main reason as to why the Hornets got blown out was the Nets insane shooting from 3-point range. Brooklyn shot 69.6% from 3-point range which is an unprecedented amount. One has to think at least SOME of those shots had to miss but the Nets clearly proved that wrong.

The only positive I can think of. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist played 28 minutes and shot 13 times. Many Hornets fans want him more involved in the offense this season and shooting 13 times is a good sign. He also had a minutes increase from his last few games. Hopefully he'll be in game shape soon and can re-enter the starting lineup.