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Charlotte Hornets at Cleveland Cavaliers preview

The Hornets try to rebound tonight against the Cavaliers.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Where: Quicken Loans Arena

When: 7:00 PM

TV: Fox Sports South, Fox Sports Ohio, League Pass

Tonight the Charlotte Hornets travel to take on the Cleveland Cavaliers. They will hope to rebound after a blowout loss to the Brooklyn Nets.

The Hornets finally created some positive vibes after breaking their losing streak. A game winner against the Knicks followed by a solid victory against the Celtics had Hornets fans excited. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist was back from injury and the team finally seemed to be meeting expectations. One loss to the Nets later and all of that went out the window. Everything had to be burned down to the ground.

That is a perfect way to describe these Hornets. Inconsistent with flashes of hope thrown in. Even during the long losing streak, there were times where the Hornets looked like they had figured everything out and things were going to get better. So when the team won two games and then proceeded to get blown out on a back to back due to some historic shooting, it really just felt like more of the same.

There's no real way to tell how the Hornets will play tonight. Will we see a team that's moving the ball, playing together, and smothering their opponents with defense? If we do see that team, how long is that Hornets team going to stick around? Will they be around for only a quarter, a half, maybe a full game? There's no telling with this year's team because they're that inconsistent.

Can Charlotte win tonight? Of course they can, but it's going to require four quarters of great play and then some, and I'm not sure the Hornets can do that.