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Quickcap: Hornets fall to Cavs 97-88

The Hornets showed resilience coming back against the Cavs after an early hole, but couldn't get over the edge in the end.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The good: The Hornets outscored the Cleveland Cavaliers 88-76.

The bad: The Hornets waited until they were down 21-0 to start their run.

The Charlotte Hornets got steamrolled from the opening tip against the Cavs, going down by 21 before they scored their first points. Steve Clifford called a couple timeouts, but it wasn't until taking out his starters and putting in Bismack Biyombo that things started to turn around. The Hornets were down 28-11 at that time, and by the time Biyombo went back out of the game, the Hornets were only down 38-43. He only scored four points, but added seven rebounds and blocked four shots, finishing plus-15 while on the court.

In fact, the Hornets entire bench all were positives tonight, with Gary Neal being the highest at plus-19. However, the starters were all a big minus, and pretty disastrous to start the game. And this has been a trend all season for the Hornets -- there are games where the starters play very well and get almost nothing from their bench. Then there are games like tonight, where it's the exact opposite. The Hornets have talent, just not the consistency from Player 1 to Player 10 needed to finish NBA games.

The Hornets will try to turn things around on Wednesday evening at home against a Suns team they beat in Phoenix earlier this season. After winning two straight, the Hornets have now lost three straight. And it's not too difficult to see how the players feel about it.