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Hornets FanDuel information for Friday night!

There are 10 games tonight which means a lot of fantasy options for tonight's FanDuel action.

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There's quite a few games so here's some fantasy advice on who to play and who to avoid.

Starting off, the Charlotte Hornets are taking on the Philadelphia 76ers. The Hornets might struggle in crunch time but they're usually good enough to put up some numbers during the game. Al Jefferson would be a great option to use at your center spot but make sure to avoid Lance Stephenson since he will be out with an injury.

The other 7:00 tip off is the Utah Jazz and Orlando Magic. In need of rebounds? Then Nicola Vucevic is your guy, Vucevic will gobble up rebounds no matter who he is up against.

Avoid anybody playing in the Minnesota Timberwolves and Boston Celtics game, nobody on either of those teams can be trusted to put up numbers. If you need to fill a roster spot, wait until players on these two teams are the last options available.

Another 7:30 tip off players to pay attention to is LeBron James taking on the Brooklyn Nets, while first indication is to spend all your money on LeBron I'm not sure this is one of the games to do so. Let someone else use up their money on him.

Kyle Lowry is going up against the Detroit Pistons, that's a lock for a solid outing. Go with Lowry if you can get him.

If Lowry isn't your style then go with the hottest point guard in the Eastern Conference right now, John Wall. The Miami Heat don't have a point guard on their entire roster that can slow down a guy like Wall.

At 8:00 there's a slug fest between the Chicago Bulls and Memphis Grizzlies. Derrick Rose isn't playing and the Bulls are banged up all over. Marc Gasol is a fantastic option at Center for tonight.

If you're looking for some wing players to pick up, Wesley Matthews is taking on the San Antonio Spurs at 8:00 as well and he always puts out a solid outing.

The late games tonight are the Los Angeles Clippers at the Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Lakers vs the Oklahoma City Thunder. Avoid players like Matt Barnes and pick up guys like Serge Ibaka, use common sense on who to pick up with these games and you'll get some quality outings.

Of course, with 10 games tonight the roster options will be pretty deep so there should be a lot of variety.

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