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Hornets vs Jazz GameThread

Can the Hornets make it two in a row?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets are at home tonight taking on the Utah Jazz. The Jazz aren't a bad team, but they're in the West, so their record suggests otherwise.

Can the Hornets win their second game in a row?

They might, and if they still plan on making the playoffs, they'll need to. Losses against the NBA's elite are acceptable — although not ideal — but losses against the NBA's weaker teams are not. These are the games the Hornets need to win if they truly want to make the playoffs.

Lance Stephenson's out again, which could help the Hornets' offense a bit. However, his size and strength would be an asset against the Jazz's backcourt players, who are all fairly big and strong for their positions. We'll see if Kemba Walker and Gerald Henderson can keep them in check.

But seriously, can the Hornets please win? These losses are taking a toll on my mental health.