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Charlotte Hornets at Oklahoma City Thunder Gamethread

The Hornets travel to Oklahoma City to take on a Western Conference foe.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

It's time to see just how much better the Charlotte Hornets are playing. Tonight's matchup with the Oklahoma City Thunder should be a good test to if the streaking Hornets are as their streak suggests.

Over the course of this 4 game win streak, the Hornets have beaten teams ranging from truly awful to mediocre. Despite the level of competition, Charlotte has still looked good in every win by scoring over 100 points in each game. Their defense on the other hand has been wildly inconsistent.

The Thunder are coming off a huge Christmas Day victory over the San Antonio Spurs. They will be missing Kevin Durant for the second straight game and are on a back to back which are both advantages for the Hornets. Even with the advantages the Hornets are not the favorites as the Thunder still have Russell Westbrook and Serge Ibaka. This is still a very good team that the Hornets will need to play their best basketball against.

Sit down, have a beverage, eat a late meal, and let's chat Hornets.