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Charlotte Hornets vs Orlando Magic Gamethread

The Hornets and Magic battle tonight to decide who is currently in better shape.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets and Orlando Magic are on equal footing tonight. Both teams are coming off a back to back and struggling to start the season. While Orlando entered the season with low expectations and have been very competitive throughout the season, the Hornets entered the season with high expectations and haven't been able to maintain 4th quarter leads. One team is supposedly lacking in talent while the other is supposedly brimming with it, but that doesn't change that both teams have a good chance of winning tonight.

The Hornets are looking to continue their solid play as of late. Despite missing Lance Stephenson it can be argued the Hornets are playing their best ball of the season. The ball is moving and players are making their shots. However the defense has not been up to the standards set by last year which raises questions about how sustainable this good play is.

The Magic on the other hand are just trying to find some consistency. While they have been competitive throughout the season, there are nights where Orlando just falls on their face. The offense stagnates and their opponents picks the defense apart. They seem to be trying to find an identity but nothing they do sticks.

So sit down, have a beverage, eat a nice meal, and lets chat Hornets.