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Charlotte Hornets vs Milwaukee Bucks Gamethread

The Hornets and Bucks battle for the third and final time this season.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight the Charlotte Hornets take on the Milwaukee Bucks for the third and final time this season. Each game has been a battle, one involving a comeback, and the other involving a win streak? What will tonight hold?

The Bucks are a feisty team that refuses to go down without a fight. In both contests with the Hornets this season they were in winnable positions but couldn't come out on top. In the first game of the season the Hornets had a huge comeback capped off by two clutch Kemba Walker buckets.

While the second game wasn't as dramatic that didn't make it any easier for the Hornets. While Charlotte had control for much of the game the Bucks managed to fight back the entire time forcing the Hornets to give a complete effort. If the last two contests are any indication tonight shouldn't be any different.

So sit down, have a drink, and let's chat Hornets.