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Chicago Bulls at Charlotte Hornets Preview

The Bulls travel to Charlotte to take on an injured Hornets team. What's that phrase about wounded animals? Yeah that doesn't apply to this team.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

When: 7 p.m.

Where: Time Warner Cable Arena, Charlotte, NC

TV: NBA TV, Fox Sports South, Comcast Sportsnet Chicago

The Charlotte Hornets are a wounded animal in tonight's contest against the Chicago Bulls. They're on a nine game losing streak, an early favorite for most disappointing team in the NBA, and everything around them appears to be falling apart. But ya know what they say about wounded animals right? Well whatever it is, that doesn't apply to this team.

Tonight's game should be a win for Charlotte. Not an easy win, not a hard win, just a win. No matter what form it comes in, there's no real away around it. The Bulls are coming off a double over time loss to the Dallas Mavericks, at home. When they take on Charlotte tonight it will be a road game back to back, this is what folks like to call a schedule loss. So why is it that I have absolutely no faith the Hornets will win?

Lets face it, nobody thinks the Hornets actually will win tonight, and that's because the Hornets have given them nothing to believe in. The Hornets have choked away leads, and lost games they should have won. Even when given a favorable scheduling matchup at home along with the extra benefit of the Bulls playing double overtime the night before.

There isn't much analysis that can be brought before tonight's game, because there's not much to analyze. Everything about the team is a wreck, I guess I can say if they want to win, they need to play defense? Even when tired, Chicago's defense is among the best in the NBA, and they like to ugly the game up. Depending on the offense would be something you wouldn't expect against Bulls even if the Hornets weren't playing so bad. Play good defense, execute, and for the love of god, if they get a lead, hold on to that lead.