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Buzz Around the Web - losing streak edition

It's officially been three weeks since the last Hornets win. Let's see what people around the internet have to say about this Charlotte team. Spoiler Alert: it's mostly negative!

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The internet is a reactionary place filled with instant commentary, hot takes, and typically more hate than praise. As a fan, when your team goes on a losing streak, it can become hard to avoid all those articles reminding you just how poorly your team is playing. Well the Hornets, a team with big expectations this offseason, have given the internet plenty of ammunition.

Before the Hornets could even lose their ninth and tenth straight games this week, Zach Lowe dropped a very in-depth article on Charlotte's issues and how they might fix them. His article also included a report that Charlotte has been very actively discussing trades with other teams around the league.

The Hornets are searching for upgrades on the wing and at power forward, per those sources, and they are willing to talk turkey on basically anyone other than Kemba Walker and Al Jefferson.

Of course a report like that lead to an avalanche of trade rumor articles. Charlotte Hornets: Should They Trade Lance Stephenson?, Does Boston Celtics' Jeff Green make sense as trade possibility..., Hornets' struggles mean trade for shooter should be in the pipeline, Hornets shopping Gerald Henderson?. There really hasn't been a stone left un-turned in the discussion.

Related to the Hornets' horrible start, the Charlotte Observer's Rick Bonnell wrote a piece on how the Hornets have struggled to deal with raised expectations. In the same vein, but with an outsider's perspective, the Washington Post's Michael Lee provided some quality reporting on how the team is handling the poor start. There were a few good quotes in the article as well, including this optimistic one from Kemba Walker:

"We got a whole new team. Guys still trying to learn a new system. We got to learn how to put it together more consistently," Walker said in October. "It’s my first time coming into an NBA season with high expectations. I’m trying to embrace it. Our goal is to get to the playoffs. Anything can happen."

Also, if you're looking for something to listen to on your drive home from work today, check out this podcast by At the Hive's own Nick Denning and James Plowright (@JPlowright_NBA is great follow on Twitter if you like the Hornets and following the NBA draft year round).

Finally, if you're completely tired of hearing about what's wrong, how to fix it, who to trade, etc, here is a nice article about the improved play of Bismack Biyombo by Upside Motor's Sam Vecenie.