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Bobcats emerging often in trade whispers

The Bobcats name has emerged in many rumors so far. The most recent is Brandon Bass.


With 10 days to go before the NBA trade deadline, the Bobcats have surfaced as a pretty active team in more than a handful of trade rumors and reports.

They've been heavily linked to the 76ers with interest in Evan Turner, as first reported by Rick Bonnell. The site formerly known as HoopsWorld, now Basketball Insiders, dropped a little nugget that the Bobcats are looking at the Pistons' Greg Monroe, too. Oh, and Taj Gibson, via the Chicago Sun-Times.

Today we get word of two new potential targets, one specific and one a bit more vague.

The first, via Sporting News, is that Charlotte has interest in Celtics power forward Brandon Bass. The second, via Marc Spears of Yahoo!, is that the Bobcats are "actively pursuing a deal for needed perimeter shooting".

So many rumors are flung willy-nilly around as the trade deadline nears, but basically we can at least gleam a few things here.

The Bobcats are looking to shore up their bench depth on the offensive end. Whether at shooting guard or power forward, Rich Cho and company are looking to make moves that fills in holes towards the bottom of the roster. Perhaps they're looking for a legit starting shooting guard who can reliably hit threes (which would be great), but the more likely target is a sharpshooter to come off the bench to help space the floor. And that's fine, assuming they aren't making desperation moves solely for this year's playoffs.

As for Brandon Bass is no defensive force but could possibly give the Bobcats a bit of a scoring punch off the bench. Though he's not terrifically efficient as a big man, he'd still be an upgrade on that end of the floor over the Bobcats' other options, which doesn't say a whole lot but would help their bench scoring without a doubt. Turner's a player in a bit of the same boat: not a dynamic player, not greatly efficient, but could help the Bobcats improve upon their struggles when Clifford works his way towards the back of the rotation. However, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense for Charlotte to bite on Turner if Philly is adamant about getting back a first-round pick in return when the Bobcats could just wait for the offseason to try to sign Turner.

Monroe and Gibson have bigger contracts and would require bigger returns in a trade deal and draft picks, which I'm not sure the Bobcats are ready to completely abandon. Charlotte could be patient in thinking about moving their picks in the offseason.

As I've discussed about before, the Bobcats have time to build upon this team, so although they're clearly buyers at the deadline, they can afford to be patient and try to work for deals in the offseason. However, who knows what can happen at the deadline.

This is the first time we've seen the front office in a position to acquire current talent over prospective future assets and if nothing else, they're actively scouting possibilities around the league