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Bobcats continue pursuit of Gary Neal

Well, so much for this deal being dead.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

There was a report earlier in the day that the Bobcats and Bucks were discussing a deal centered around Gary Neal and Caron Butler. But as we should know by now, any trade talks deemed "dead" in reports are not necessarily finished. Well according to Marc Stein of ESPN, it is definitely not dead.

The Bucks have indeed been trying to move Gary Neal since January. After signing the former San Antonio Spur to a two-year deal, the relationship between the Bucks and Neal quickly soured. Neal's habit of hijacking possessions to shoot ill-advised shots may have been part of that. The Bucks season has not gone the way they were hoping at all. There was a hope that the team would compete for a playoff spot and they're instead competing for the number one spot in the upcoming draft.

The reason the Bobcats would be interested in Gary Neal has to be his three-point shooting ability. Neal is shooting 36 percent from behind the arc this season and pretty much has a career built on being an effective three-point shooter. Ultimately, that's his main skill. He's not horrible at handling the ball and passing, but it's not his strong suit either -- below average for starting and backup point guards, in my opinion. However, he is a better three-point shooter than current back up point guard Ramon Sessions who is likely the player the Bobcats are trying to move in this trade. When comparing the two players, Sessions puts the ball on the floor, attacks the basket, and gets to the line while Neal is going to stay behind the arc and shoot threes. The Bobcats have spacing problems so you can see why they have an interest in Neal.

You can see how much the Bobcats really want to fix their spacing issue. Gary Neal is currently on a 2 year contract for $6.5 million total.