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Bobcats in discussions with Ben Gordon to buy out his contract

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

With no takers willing to bring aboard Ben Gordon and his expiring $13.2 million contract, the Bobcats are in negotiations with him to buy out the remaining value of his contract, Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski reports.

Charlotte had been trying to deal Gordon elsewhere for a couple years because of his frustration at being nailed to the bench. However, the Bobcats couldn't justify playing him much this season to open room up playing time for more well-rounded players on offense and defense.

Though a streaky shooter, Gordon could hit an amazing array of difficult, off-balance jump shots. In an ironic twist of fate, his three-point shooting was something the Bobcats could have really used but weren't willing to. Gordon loved to work out of isolation or trying to create offense by himself rather than a more beneficial balance with more off-ball play off screens or spotting up. This was a turnover risk and helped Charlotte's offense go into a rut. And his defense, well, it lacked awareness. He saw playing time at the start of the season, but it dwindled until it eventually became nothing.

For both sides, this is a healthy move. It's probably in the Bobcats' best interest to cut dead weight and see who they might be able to add from the D-League. It's probably in Gordon's best interest to dive into free agency with the playoffs on the horizon and see if another contender wants to take a flier on him.

In the end, I think there's one lesson Ben Gordon taught us all, which is to "Humble yourself."