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Charlotte Bobcats vs San Antonio Spurs game preview

With the Spurs at home, the Bobcats begin their biggest test of the season.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Gametime 8:30PM ET

The Bobcats are currently on a four-game winning streak, they're seventh in the Eastern Conference, they just made a trade deadline deal to improve their three-point shooting, and Al Jefferson is one of only two players (the other being Kevin Love) averaging 25 points and 10 rebounds since January 11th. Everything is going well for the Bobcats right now and they look like they can make some noise in a very weak Eastern Conference this season.

With everything on the up=and-up for the Bobcats, is this upcoming stretch of games not the perfect test? We begin tonight with the Spurs, the model franchise of the NBA, as many like to call them. As far back as I can remember I've seen the Spurs at the top of the playoffs and among the talk of teams that can contend for a championship. They're no different this season.

The Spurs had a reputation for being a team that slows it down and plays defense: boring basketball but effective. That play style of theirs is more of myth than anything these days but the reputation has stood until last year when everybody recognized their new style. The Spurs move the ball quickly, forcing the defense to constantly rotate. The Spurs' objective is to get open shots and they're damn good at it. They fire a flurry of threes and use players like Tony Parker to get to the rim. They'll always have The Big Fundamental himself in Tim Duncan who can use the mid range jumpshot for the purposes of spacing. Suffice it to say, the Bobcats are gonna have their hands full.

We should see new additions in Gary Neal and Luke Ridnour tonight. With almost a full week of rest behind them, the Bobcats should have plenty of energy for a Spurs team that's been a little banged up as of late. Out of all four games in this stretch, the game against the Spurs might be the most winnable just for the sheer fact it's the first game of the road trip. The game against the Thunder is on the road, the game against the Heat is also on the road and after a back-to-back against the Thunder. While they're back in Charlotte for the Pacers game, Indiana is out to prove a point and will try to obliterate anything in their path. If the Bobcats can even pull out one victory from this stretch of games, it's a success. That being said, the Spurs won't be easy by any means, it will take near flawless execution to get a win.

Next game @OKC Mar 2nd 7:00PM ET