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Observer report: Bobcats interested in Evan Turner

The Sixers guard has been on the trade block all season and apparently the Bobcats have some interest.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

According to Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer the Bobcats are showing interest in Philadelphia 76ers small forward Evan Turner.

The Sixiers are currently in a rebuilding situation. Having shed veterans after a disastrous previous season, Phildelphia wants assets for the future. It's been no secret the Sixers are interested in trading away Turner. This is the first time however we've heard of the Bobcats showing interest in the four-year forward out of Ohio State.

Turner has had an okay season averaging 18 points and 5 rebounds. However he hasn't been very efficient. Turner has a True Shooting percentage of 51 percent, which isn't bad, but it's below average. The former No. 2 overall pick also in the final year of his contract, which could be a bit of a red flag: Players that are in contract years or are trying to leave their current situations for greener pastures are known to play above their heads.

If the Bobcats did trade for Turner it wouldn't be the worst player to trade for, but one has to wonder at what cost. It wouldn't make much sense for Philly to take on a big contract, except perhaps in a expiring deal like Ben Gordon's. Reports say the Bobcats are looking to add talent to build on their current roster and the 76ers are undoubtedly looking to return some kind of asset in return, whether that's a young player or a draft pick. Charlotte could have as many as three first-round picks this year, though it seems likely their own will be headed to Chicago as fallout from the Tyrus Thomas trade in 2010.

Turner's underwhelming three-point shooting strikes me as an odd match for Charlotte, given that three-point shooting is such a desperate need at the wing. He's got a fairly diverse skill set including some passing skills and ballhandling, though these aren't at an elite level.

Granted, these offensive skills are more reliable than Michael Kidd-Gilchrist's, which really raises the question about what the Bobcats' interest in Turner means about their future with their own recent No. 2 overall pick. It seems most likely that the Bobcats could just be interested adding some competition, talent and health to their core of young wings, especially with Jeff Taylor out for a while with his Achilles injury.

As Bonnell notes, such a move probably isn't imminent, but it's definitely worth thinking about.