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Bobcats vs Wizards Q&A with Bullets Forever

Today we sit down with the fine folks at Bullets Forever. We talk playoffs, culture, and dancing.

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I got in contact with Albert Lee of Bullets Forever. He answers some Wizards related questions for us and we analyze a potential dance off.

The Wizards are pretty much a lock to make the playoffs this season. What are the expectations for the team as far as how far they can go?

The expectation is that the Wizards need to make the playoffs, and advance to the second round. Given that they are fifth in the East right now, they would not play against the Miami Heat or Indiana Pacers where they probably won't get past them in a seven game series.

Charlotte and Washington have both had a reputation and culture of losing for a very long time now. What does Washington need to do to make sure they erase that culture? Is making the playoffs this season enough?

The Wizards need to erase the losing culture by winning, becoming a perennial fixture in the playoffs, and advance consistently once in the playoffs. In addition, they need to have a foundational All-Star level or better player who could be the face of the team for many years to come.

The good news is that the Wizards are seeing John Wall developing into that foundational piece and are actively trying to have teammates around him who will complement his strengths and now they are starting to win consistently.

However, erasing the Wizards' perception as perennial losers will take more than just one season so a playoff appearance this year won't be enough, even if they go to the second round. They need to have a 50 win season too at some point, perhaps even next year, and the Wizards haven't done that since 1978-1979, when they were known as the Bullets and were defending their NBA championship from the previous year.

If they can win 50 games in 2014-2015, then that could really change perceptions of the team around the D.C. area.

Randy Wittman and Ernie Grunfeld are, deservedly so, loathed by many Wizards fans. How likely is it that one or both of them will be gone after this season?

I don't think that Grunfeld and/or Wittman will be out after this season, unless they somehow miss the playoffs.
Grunfeld has done a good job putting good complementary players around Wall over the last couple seasons, and Wittman has done a good job to get the Wizards to commit to defense since taking over in 2012.

Of course, both have their faults. Grunfeld has not done a very good drafting players who weren't very close to sure bets, like drafting Jan Vesely in 2011, and possibly Otto Porter last year. Wittman at times has fallen in love a bit too much with short rotations, in particular during the midseason, and has lost more games against lesser opponents this season, including home losses to the Sixers, Celtics, and twice to the Cavs, though they have righted this ship as of late.

Still, they have laid a lot of the groundwork to get the Wizards' current rebuild to where it is now, and should have the chance to see if they can take this team further next year.

John Wall appears to finally be considered one of the top point guards in the NBA. What does he need to improve on to become the best?

Wall must improve his jumpshot. Though he is among the best in the NBA at converting driving to the basket, his midrange and three point jump shots still have room left to be desired as he is still making his mid range and three point shots at below league averages in most areas on the court.

To be fair to Wall, he has been making these shots more consistently since he was a rookie, but he still needs to improve at it nevertheless.

Dance contest, Kemba Walker vs John Wall, who wins?

I'll admit. I like the dances Walker did and taught the kids on NBA Inside Stuff:

But the Dougie was back in 2010..

I think I still give Wall the edge here!

Thanks to Albert for answering my questions! If you want you can find him on twitter @aleeinthedmv. Be sure to check out Bullets Forever for all of your Wizards content.