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Bobcats power rankings and links roundup

The Bobcats have lost three straight games, all three of which were against some of the league's elite teams. Where do media outlets put the Bobcats in their power rankings this week? Also, let's take a look at some Bobcats links from around the web.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Bobcats lost their last three games, but those losses were against the Spurs, Thunder, and Heat. You would hope that writers understand that this probably shouldn't be cause to change one's mind about the Bobcats overall, but a drop in the rankings is to be expected. I don't think there was a lot to learn about the Bobcats in the previous week, especially because most writers finished their power rankings before the Heat game. But some might disagree. Let's see where they're ranked. 17th. John Schuhmann didn't move the Bobcats at all, although he posted his before LeBron...well, you know. I think this is low considering the Bobcats have improved a lot in the past month or so, but every team he ranks above the seventeenth spot is a defensible selection. 17th. Marc Stein moved Bobcats down a slot, making way for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Kevin Love and his squad moved back up to a .500 record, but they only played three games -- all wins -- in the last nine days, and only one of them -- a road game in Phoenix -- was against a quality opponent. I can't say I would've switched these two teams based on last week's performance alone.

Pro Basketball Talk: 17th. Kurt Helin moves the Bobcats down a spot too, moving Minnesota up to 15th. He's the second writer to mention the way the Bobcats handled Ben Gordon's buyout, which I'm still not sure how I feel about given how few details we've been given about the situation. Either way, I guess a lot of writers weren't impressed by the Bobcats' losses this week.

Yahoo Sports: 17th. Looks like we're coming to a consensus here, although Marc Spears drops the Bobcats two spots from his previous rankings.

John Hollinger Power Rankings ( 17th. Okay, so these aren't so much power rankings as they are a formula to determine the relative strength of teams, but somehow the Bobcats found another way to be ranked 17th.

CBS Sports: 17th. Oh, come ON. Matt Moore at CBS Sports had the Bobcats ranked 11th last week, which I did think was a stretch. But I was hoping we could count on him to rank them somewhere that isn't 17th. Honestly, I would have been fine with 22nd if it meant it wasn't 17th. Oh well.


Is the NBA missing out on Justin Hamilton - Ridiculous Upside: Dakota Schmidt breaks down the Bobcats' newest addition in Justin Hamilton. It's definitely worth reading, and includes a strong analysis of Hamilton's game. And there's video!

Dominique Wilkins not impressed with LeBron's 61-point game - Slam Online: Dominique Wilkins, he of the Basketball Hall of Fame, says LeBron James' 61-point performance against the Bobcats wasn't all that impressive and that he himself could've scored 40. This, of course, ignores that the Bobcats have played terrific defense all year and that Michael Kidd-Gilchrist was in LeBron's face for a lot of those shots. But 'Nique might have a point about it being "too easy to score." That's just what happens when you're LeBron James.

Will Bobcats' playoff run benefit the future? - Sports on Earth: Will Leitch wrote a full article about the Bobcats! It's a good look at the pros and cons of this team making a serious playoff push. There's also a long quote from a writer whose work you might be familiar with...

Draft Express Mock Draft: The team at Draft Express updated their mock draft today, and the Bobcats' projected first round picks have been changed to two new players: Croatian forward Dario Saric, and Serbian wing player Bogdan Bogdanovic.