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Gerald Henderson expected to miss rest of games this week

The Bobcats will be without starting shooting guard Gerald Henderson for the rest of the week.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Bobcats have publicly announced that, Gerald Henderson will miss the rest of the games this week due to a strained right calf he suffered against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Henderson missed Monday's game against the Heat due to the same injury and he will now miss games against the Pacers, Cavaliers, and Grizzlies too. I hope Bobcat fans have taken a liking to Gary Neal because with Henderson out they're about to get a lot more of Neal.

Neal isn't as good a defender as Henderson and while he's averaging 17 points per 36 minutes in his short time with the Bobcats, the sample size is too small to trust. He's nowhere near as good as Henderson at off ball cuts but he's a better 3 point shooter. Neal does have a gunner's mentality but he'll have to keep in check in the starting lineup.

Henderson is currently averaging 14 points a game for the Bobcats as the starting shooting guard. He's a solid defender for Charlotte and fits well in their scheme. The team asks a lot of their perimeter players to make up for the Bobcats big men, who drop back to better defend the rim. It's largely effective thanks to players like Henderson who can use their athleticism to contest shots and not completely rely on the big men to bail him out.

On offense Henderson is a good at off-ball cuts but at times he takes questionable and/or contested mid range jump shots. However he's for the most part consistent and you can expect to get the same level of production from him on a night to night basis. He not a lock down player or a fantastic scorer but his absence will hurt the team nonetheless.