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Bobcats beat down NBA-leading Pacers, start NEW WORLD ORDER

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Al Jefferson and company ushered in a NEW WORLD ORDER by taking down the league's top team, the Indiana Pacers, by a whopping 22 points.

Derek's got a full recap coming a bit later but for now this should tide us over for excess gamethread comments.

The Bobcats held the Pacers to an 8-point first quarter in which Paul George and Roy Hibbert and the rest of those fellas squeezed out offense like he was trying to squeeze blood from a turnip.

Indiana played catch-up to the Bobcats the entire night and though Evan Turner tried his damnedest to put forth some kind of above average offensive performance, Al Jefferson dropped dope bombs on the Pacers' ballyhooed defense to lead the Bobcats to one of their biggest wins of the season. Kemba Walker added 19 points and 9 assists.

Frank Vogel was out there sweating through his finest Dillards suit and Larry Bird got terrifying flashbacks to his eponymous NES video game against Michael Jordan. You sure as heck couldn't score in that game then and Larry Bird's team couldn't do it now. Back-to-back or not, who cares? The Pacers are young and have handled them before. The Bobcats weren't afforded such excuses when they gave up more than the combined points total from DeSagana Diop's last two seasons to LeBron James in a single night.

So the simple fact remains: Tonight the Charlotte Bobcats dragged the Indiana Pacers up and down the hardwood all evening long as Al Jefferson tormented them on offense and the entire team swarmed the Pacers on defense until Indiana conceded to a huge loss by 22 points in which their star forward was held to a measly two points without a single field goal.

And thus came about the NEW WORLD ORDER of 2014.