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Power rankings roundup and Rufus Links

An up-and-down week saw the Bobcats beat the Nets in a great overtime game, but lose winnable games to the Rockets and Magic. How did the national media react?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

CBS Sports: 18th. CBS's Matt Moore has been supportive of the Bobcats before, at one point ranking them considerably higher than any other power ranking I've found. I imagine this changed when they collapsed against the Magic on Friday night, as Moore dropped the Bobcats five spots from the previous week.

SB Nation: 17th. The Bobcats didn't change from last week's rankings, but it's clear that Jason Patt wasn't particularly impressed with the loss to Orlando either.

Sports Illustrated: 16th. The Bobcats don't move from Matt Dollinger's previous rankings, but they're one spot higher here. He also points out a stat about how important the scoring of Al Jefferson and Kemba Walker are to this team. 16th. No movement in these rankings either, but John Schuhmann does put the Bobcats one spot behind the Wizards, and mentions their playoff race for the sixth seed. It's the type of thing that gives me hope for the last few weeks of the season.

ESPN: 16th. Hey, look at that, we've reached a consensus. Marc Stein notes how big this season has been to the Bobcats franchise, and again, they're ranked right below the Wizards.

Yahoo: 17th. No movement from last week's rankings here either, but a spot lower than the previous three links. The Wizards seem to be unanimously ranked 15th, so Monday's home win could see some gains for the Bobcats in these rankings as well as the standings.


Charlotte Observer | Bobcats' Best Playoff Hope is to Face Raptors: Hey, the Bobcats are probably going to make the playoffs! Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer tells us why they'd be better off facing the Raptors in the first round.

Draft Express | 2014 Mock Draft: Jonathan Givony updated his mock draft to reflect the Pistons' increasing likelihood of retaining their protected first round draft pick, and the Bobcats having only one first-round pick this year. However, he still projects them to draft a pair of NCAA Tournament standouts.

The Anatomy of Perspective: Shaun Livingston, the visionary » The Brooklyn Game
This is a superb profile of Shaun Livingston's formative years and breaking fown his deep understanding and court vision, with great selected gametape videos narrated by the Nets guard.

Should we be concerned about the Indiana Pacers? - ESPN
Aside from a win against the Heat, Indiana has absolutely looked like hot garbage recently. Their defense, once extremely good, has become mediocre and their offense is struggling to put points on the board. ESPN's got a good panel here featuring a couple folks covering the Pacers to discuss how concerned they are.