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Charlotte Bobcats at Boston Celtics game preview

The Bobcats travel to play Boston, who has been a bit of a pain for many playoff teams this season.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

As the regular season comes to a conclusion, every game is important for the Bobcats. With their most recent win over the Wizards, Charlotte has the same record as Washington. However, since the Bobcats own the tie breaker they own the 6 seed. All they need to do is finish the season with at least the same record as the Wizards.

The Bobcats completely control their own destiny and that starts tonight with a winnable game against a bad Celtics team. The Celtics, while bad, seem to be one of those teams that, if slept on, can make a good team pay. It's weird because Boston doesn't do anything extraordinary or impressive. They have Rajon Rondo coming off a knee surgery and a roster mishmash of veterans and young players from when Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett were traded. Pierce and KG leaving was the official beginning of the rebuild for the Celtics and they're currently in phase one of that rebuild plan.

As said previously, the Celtics don't do anything particularly well. As long as the Bobcats take the game seriously and play good defense, they should be able to come out on top. But there are a few things they can do to sabotage themselves.

The offense as of late has had some long stretches where it's looked pitiful. Contested jump shots, lazy ball movement that's easy for the defense to rotate and contest, and much isolation from Al Jefferson, Gary Neal, and Kemba Walker can lead to the offense falling apart. These stretches last way too long for comfort and if the Bobcats do it against the Celtics, they could face the consequences for it.

The Bobcats have the upper hand and should win tonight. However it's a trap game on the road which makes it very dangerous. Charlotte should be careful with this Boston team.