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Kemba Walker out with groin injury vs Celtics, Ridnour to start

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Kemba Walker will miss tonight's game against the Celtics as he recovers from a groin injury he said he suffered late in the Wizards game as he defended John Wall.

He was originally listed as questionable today but was later confirmed as out. Luke Ridnour will start in his place and it looks like we can clean the dust off the #FREEPARGO movement, as Jannero will see some minutes off the bench.

Hopefully this won't keep Kemba out very long. There are a mere four games left in the regular season and the position the Bobcats fought so hard to gain over the Wizards could be lost if Walker loses much time to injury. Even more important than that is that the playoffs are only a week and a day or two away.

The Bobcats did fairly well the last time they lost Kemba Walker to injury, going 4-3 in some tough games. But I wouldn't recommend relying on following that logic again. The Bobcats need him back as soon and as healthy as possible, so here's to a quick recovery.