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Talking Bobcats with The Lottery Mafia

Over at The Lottery Mafia we talked about the Bobcats' regular season and postseason possibilities.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Have you ever wanted another reason to hate Chris Barnewall? Well fear not Rufus on Fire readers have I got just the thing for you! I went on the Lottery Mafia Podcast with my annoying voice and we talked Bobcats.

The podcast is pretty much a wrap up of the entire season with a focus on the end of it. James and Nick (the hosts of the podcast) are both Bobcats fans so they were very excited to talk to me and go over how the Bobcats have exceeded expectations this season.

Some of the topics we discussed range from Steve Clifford's coach of the year candidacy, the best possible match up for the Bobcats in the playoffs, and we finish things up with some discussion on how Michael Kidd-Gilchrist has developed so far.

If you're interested you can find James and Nick on twitter @JamesPlowright, @NickDenning, and of course their blog @TheLotteryMafia.

You can find the podcast itself here at