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Bobcats power ranking roundup and Rufus Links: Week of April 14

The Bobcats have won seven of their last eight games, but has their late rush made an impact on how analysts perceive their standings in the league?

Kevin C. Cox

Pro Basketball Talk: 15th. Hey, at least we're ahead of the Wizards in something! Kurt Helin switches the division rivals' rankings from the previous week, as I imagine a lot of writers have done this week. 14th. John Schuhmann had actually ranked the Bobcats 14th last week too, citing their ball movement and chemistry, and improvement at shooting the three, as the reasons for their success.

ESPN: 16th. Marc Stein drops the 'Cats a spot from last week, noting that the Wizards have also done pretty well over the last week, but that the Washington squad didn't recently lose to the Celtics.

SB Nation: 16th. Behind the Wizards again, which makes sense as they're a game ahead of the Bobcats, so it looks like Game 82 will be pretty important in more ways than one. Although the sixth seed is a bit more important than the 15th spot in the power rankings, I'm assuming.

CBS Sports: 17th. Well, one thing's clear, and it's that Matt Moore hates the Bobcats. Ok, that's not entirely true, because he had them ranked 8th last week. I think he was wronger last week, if that means anything.

Sports Illustrated: 15th. No movement from last week, but still ahead of the Wizards. Good enough for me.

Other Links:

Fansided | Is the Bobcats' postseason berth a sign of things to come?: Tyler Gambill over at Fansided asks what this season tells us about the Bobcats' future. It's optimistic, but a fair assessment.

Charlotte Observer | Ridnour is helping Bobcats keep guard up: Scott Fowler at the Observer talks about how Luke Ridnour has been a solid contributor to the Bobcats. A few weeks ago I would have thought of this as needlessly positive, but Ridnour has turned around his play recently and become an asset off the bench.

Queen City Hoops | Bobcats second unit keeps 6th seed hopes alive: The Bobcats' True Hoop blog recaps last night's game, pointing out a couple things about the good bench play last night.

Ball Don't Lie | Douglas-Roberts hits game-winner: Dan Devine at Yahoo's basketball blog breaks down Chris Douglas-Roberts' great buzzer-beater that won Monday's game against the Hawks.

Editor's pick: The Diss is one of my favorite NBA coverage sites with wickedly smart and a fun variety of analysis of the game on the floor and off it. They have a recurring feature called the "Diss Guy Miss Guy", which dissects a player's rough week. Brandon Jennings is this week's Miss Guy as his season comes to a close and he shoots below 38 percent on 1000+ field goal attempts on the season, the third time that's been done in the last 40 years or so. And he has one of the other two already.

So check out their feature on the odd NBA paths young players have taken to different results, starring Jennings' underwhelming prep-to-pro development contrasted with Gerald Green's surprising resurgence.