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Bobcats shut down Bulls in overtime, win 91-86

The Bobcats finished their season with a win in overtime against the Bulls.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

In many ways, the Bulls are a lot like the Bobcats. Their best player is a center, they rely on their defense to get them through games and their biggest weakness is that their offense sometimes falls apart. The Bulls and Bobcats had one hell of a slug fest tonight and it felt like the team that would win would be the one still standing at the end of it all. The game was slow, it was ugly, and it was exactly what both teams wanted. The Bobcats knew they weren't going to beat a team with a defense as good as the Bulls' on offense alone. The Bulls love to muck up a game and make it as ugly as possible.

The only Bobcat that shot 50 percent or better was Cody Zeller. Zeller went 4-6 from the field with some incredible highlight dunks. Besides that, every Bobcat basket was a struggle. Even Al Jefferson struggled against MVP candidate Joakim Noah, shooting Jefferson 4-14 from the field and only scoring 10 points. While Jefferson struggled to score, he did step up in other areas. Big Al pulled down 18 rebounds in a monster effort and played some of the better defense I've ever seen him play. It wasn't elite defense, but it got the job done.

The Bobcats also received key contributions from Gerald Henderson. Henderson made some big shots when he was needed and played great defense on Jimmy Butler. However, Butler wrought havoc on the defensive end and finished the game with five steals. The Bulls pride themselves on their defensive play, so it was no surprise the Bulls played incredible defense as a whole. Perfect offensive execution is required to beat the speed of their defensive rotations.

With everybody else putting up less-than-stellar scoring performances, Kemba Walker needed to step up. He had a bad shooting night, going 6-16 from the field. Walker got points for the Bobcats' struggling offense by getting to the free throw line, where he made 10 of his 11 attempts. It was just enough to keep the Bobcats in the game until overtime.

In overtime, the slug fest became an all-out brawl. Points were hard to come by, but in the end the Bobcats came out on top. While Charlotte struggled to score themselves, their defense held the Bulls to just six points, giving the Bobcats time to build a small lead. By the end of the overtime, it was clear the Bobcats were going to pull out a big win to finish the season.