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Bobcats finish season with 7 seed, will face Heat in first round

Despite the win to the Bulls, the Bobcats will face the Heat as the 7 seed in the playoffs.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The Bobcats' loss to the Celtics a few games back cost them a chance at the 6 seed in the East. After a win against the Celtics, the Wizards clinched the 5 seed. Meanwhile, the Bobcats are now locked into the 7 spot with a series against the Miami Heat.

The Heat swept the season series against the Bobcats, including the infamous 61-point career game from LeBron James back in early March. Bein the two-time defending champs, the Heat are the obvious favorites in the series. Despite finishing second in the East this season (a conscious choice, in some eyes), many believe they are still the best team in the East. However, there are rumblings that they aren't as good this year as in years past. They have been criticized for coasting and they've had moments where they have looked like a struggling basketball team. But considering they're the defending champs, most are willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Game 1 between the two will be this Sunday at 3:30 PM.