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Charlotte Bobcats at Philadelphia 76ers game preview

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Gametime: 7:00 p.m. EST

The 76ers recently snapped their near-historic losing streak at 26 games, three games more than the Bobcats' skid during their historically bad lockout-shortened season. Thankfully, the Bobcats' streak was cut short by the end of the season and the Bobcats won the first game of the following season.

I remember that futility and it wasn't fun. I also remember the annoying tanking discussions and that wasn't fun either.

And this game probably won't be a lot of fun for the 76ers either.

The Bobcats are definitely not unbeatable, but it would take some exceptional basketball from Philadelphia and lack of focus from Charlotte for the 76ers to win. That's what happened in January when the 76ers beat Charlotte, who had previously been slumping, behind strong play from Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes, who have since departed for Indiana and Cleveland, respectively.

Philly runs a super uptempo offense, which mostly leads to super uptempo mistakes and big deficits these days. The Bobcats will have to get back in transition on defense, but the Bobcats don't turn the ball over a lot so I don't expect them to suffer much on that end.

The Sixers also don't draw a lot of fouls on offense and they foul a lot on defense, all the while boasting the worst offensive efficiency and the 6th-worst defensive efficiency. It's a great combination, for sure.

Michael Carter-Williams is still a very talented young player, but his shooting has cooled significantly to 39.3 percent mark for the season and the rest of his stats seem inflated by the team's absurd pace. Though averaging 6 assists a game, he has a 29.9 assist percentage, which is rather mediocre.

The Bobcats really ought to win this game, and in a big way. Through executing their offense and their solid defense, Charlotte should leave the 76ers in the dust.