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Charlotte Bobcats vs Miami Heat, Game 2 diss rap

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports


You think we're barely afloat on hope but it's more plentiful than carbon
Keep on believing the illusion it's us who you're far from
I'm sorry for ending on a preposition, there's still no stoppin us
I see you're rabid at the rhymes cuz toppin us is mad preposterous

Look at yourself - the kool-aid has turned you into some lush
Thinkin we're crumb-bums so don't be surprised by the bum rush

you can play the King but we've got a royal flush that'll make the air hushed
May he rest in peace cuz your next t-shirt'll have his face air brushed

The Cats are gonna win the next four straight
a dour fate as the Big three become corpse mates
A resonating educating viewing of D Wade deprecating
A desecrating decomposition disseminating and detonating

Good lord, the Birdman looks like a nightmare in an ink daydream
but the way he looks, you probably oughta go back to crating

Our D protects the rim like a black widow, gonna hit you like a drum kick
The fade is coming: Charlotte'll devour Pat Riley and the web'll say "SOME PRICK"


Game one's over but it's not time to turn off the telly
Ask Birdman how it feels to get postered by Charlie Kelly

In about two games, the Bobcats will be passin' ya
Only thing that could slow Jefferson down is Plantar Fascia

Just wait til Kemba starts acting up, it'll be tragic bruh
We're masters, you bastards; Wack shots LeBron is jacking up

Crawled out of the cave for a good game, James Jones?
King James ain't no king. If he is, it's a lame throne

You down with MKG? Yeah you know me
Give us back a game in the series like you owe me

I'm gonna issue the fade on Wade, only one good game
In his tank, he had it made but it won't be the same

We're monsters like some kaiju, rhyme just to defy you
No use handing you tissues that you're just gonna cry through.

Game 2, what it do?
Shock you like Raichu
How you gonna act when Kemba flies right by you?