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Charlotte Bobcats vs Miami Heat, Game 3 diss rap

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports


Down 2-0 and our chances might look nonexistent
But I know one thing, the Cats are Heat-resistant

Two games might seem like a lot
but we haven't even begun to fire shots

I'm the god body MC
watch like Birdman watches child pornography
You're heat but you're not as hot as me
Give you a basketball lobotomy
Watch you rot at the bottom of the sea
You've gotta leave because you've got no shot at 3

Sorry, out of order, Bobcats about to explode like a mortar
we'll make it quick so your fans don't have to show up in the fourth quarter
We'll force you out of the orbit to award ya
Because you won't want more, no one left to support ya
We'll export ya and transport your body across the border

Watch outta the way when MKG gets lift off
your fans are as fake as your "best" rapper, Rick Ross

Unlike Rick Ross, no one's ghostwriting my rhymes
Ghost like your ticket sales, ghost like your concession lines

Ghost like LeBron when he's gotta take the last one
Cuz he passed on it, pulled a fast one, he's master of that one


You got us twice but trust you won't find that glitch again
We're gonna smoke you in our joint, shoutout to Mitch in Michigan
LeBron's gonna blow this challenge like a spoonful of cinnamon
you simpleton, welcome to beatdown town where you're a citizen
Too much sun got you complacent and impotent cuz it's a carcinogen
And look at Ray Allen, just another old Miami ex-pat new englishman

MKG's on a tear so James Jones is gonna get his die on
The kid is gonna abuse him like a used Toyota Scion
put him in the nylon so best not leave him on an island
He's about to get swallowed up and excreted like ammonium ions

You can grin watchin' the tape but we'll check the Clipse
We're grindin' and Hell Hath No Fury like Al Jeff pissed
Fakes got you fallin cuz it's you can't know which period ends the ellipse
More mystifiying than knowing if Toney Douglas' shot still exists

We'll hit you with cold cuts, no more losing, cold turkey, we're quittin' it
We ain't kiddin' them, a "Good Job, Good Effort" quilt, we're not the ones knittin' it
This is an ignition remix, we're coming together so we won't be the fission men
You ain't wanna hear us now but when we win in six, you can listen then